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Skin cleansing foams are those who help in brightening our skin by removing pollutants from the face. If you are using lots of skin upgrading creams, lotions, and other cosmetics, then it’s essential to use a cleaner before applying anything else. Otherwise, your skincare product should not be able to penetrate deep into the skin cells, and you will get nothing.

For that reason, you should start applying a skin brightening or cleansing foam or simply a facewash to remove dirt, dust, and harmful things from your skin.

If you are already using the cleanser, but don’t get the correct result, then you are not using it accurately, because understanding the perfect procedure to wash your skin can help you with lots of existing and upcoming skin problems.

Furthermore, choosing a great facial cleanser is not so easy as its always based on the type of your skin, your lifestyle, or any existing health conditions. So, choosing the right and using the right is the key to any quick skin solution.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the right method of using a skin cleansing foam, along with a suggestion to an excellent skin lightening cleaner for man. So stay tuned and get your answers.

What is a cleansing foam?

Cleansing foams as its name showing meant for cleaning your skin from external pollutants and oil, which causes bacteria to develop and forms acne, through creating a foamy layer. They work extraordinary for oily, acne-prone skin and seems a bit harsh on average to dry skin type. This concept of cleansing foam is constant for both men and women.

Not only a cleansing form cleans the skin, but it also provides instant energy to the surface and makes you feel refreshed.

Why should you clean your face with a cleansing foam?

If you had a myth that cleansing is just for removing other cosmetics or elimination of dirt, then you are probably wrong, because it’s beyond this. There are lots of different reasons for using a skin cleansing foam.

Firstly it helps your skin to remove excess oil, dusts, and other build-up debris which are unwanted and leads to the stickiness of our derma.

Secondly, it keeps our skin hydrated by locking the moister in our skin. A man’s face needs moister more than a female as it’s mostly exposed to the atmospheric contaminants and also rough naturally and cleansing foam do this work well.

Our skin contains lots of follicles which are generally filled with dust and dirt and gives our skin look darker. Using a cleansing foam doesn’t open or closes your pores or follicles but block them to prevent external toxins from entering and acting.

Our top selective skin cleansing foam is Vita-energy from MIP helps in all of the above said things with its vitamin complex and selected natural ingredients act differently on different skin problems. Check the link below.

Ways to use a cleansing foam correctly

After knowing the facts about skin-brightening or cleansing foam now its time for knowing the right way of using this. There are lots of recommendation of usage from different dermatologists; however, we picked the most efficient methods which are not only said but also tried by us.

1.    Remove all extras first

Most men don’t use any other cosmetics on their skin, but if you are using any before cleansing remove them with mild makeover remover. This will help you out more than directly applying the foam.

2.    Wash your face with warm water

Washing with cold water is okay, but most effective if you use warm water to rinse your face.

3.    Take the recommended amount of cleansing foam

Most of the men make this mistake. They never read the label for understanding the appropriate amount, and anonymously take a quantity which sometimes becomes the reason for skin irritation.

4.    Spread on hands and smoothly apply with massaging

Gently spread the foam in all-around your face, neck, chin, overhead softly. Massaging is good as it helps our facial muscles to circulate blood correctly. But never over-exfoliate your skin.

5.    Wash with lukewarm water

After massaging the cleansing cream for a few minutes in a circular motion, now remove the foam again with the help of lukewarm water.

6.    Pet the towel around the wet area to dry

Pet dry your skin and apply some tone-up or sunscreen with moisturizer for better results.

Our best choice!

As the title showing our no.1 skin cleansing foam for men is MIP’s Vita Energy Cleansing Foam which is the best men’s cosmetic brand out there. Vita energy is filled with lots of goodness of natural ingredients primarily, highly concentrated vitamin compounds such as panthenol and niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, and also maltodextrin. Several white flower extracts are combined to form a complex which helps in skin whitening or lightening naturally.

Vita energy is a vital solution to all type of skin problems that happens due to the exposer of our epidermis into contaminants. This cleansing foam due to the presence of vitamin complexes like vitamin B, C, and E provide nutrition and vitality to the skin, removes all wastes, suppress pigmentation, enhance the whitening effect and also offers low-irritation sebum care and intense hydration.

There are no reasons to reject such a fantastic multifunctional skin cleansing foam. So, check the link below and enjoy this quick skin whitening effect. >>>


All skincare products are made for some skin solution, but you don’t know which one will be the perfect solution for yours. So, its always recommended choosing a cosmetic product after researching deeply on it. Besides, you should consult your dermatologist before using and after having any skin irritation. You also read the label carefully for knowing the ingredient lists, recommendations, and instructions to apply.

A trustworthy brand is also essential to choose as it can reduce your effort of searching for an ideal skincare product for you. That’s why try our most trusted brand MIP.