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Are you thinking using a lip balm is a girl thing? You have dry and dark lips, but due to that reason, you are avoiding using a good moisturizing lip balm. Then congrats, you are just in the right place.

Well, lip balm is a must-have thing for both men and women. Girls always care for their skin, hair, nails, and lips and thus use different kinds of beauty products. And that’s why men who want to care for their skin feel ashamed to use self-care products like a lip balm for dehydrated lips.

So, this is the time for changing your mindset because here in this article, I will share why a man must have a moisturizing lip balm with some tips on how to use this, and surprisingly we have a great lip balm suggestion for you from MIP. Let’s begin.

Reasons behind dark, patchy lips

Before knowing the benefits of using a lip balm, a man should know the reasons behind the dark and dry lips. Having dark lips does not always mean a lack of care, but if you have dark lips, you should be concerned about some serious health risks.

Lip coloration is a cause of hyperpigmentation that may be due to some lifestyle defects or by taking any drugs and, sometimes, our genes. Darkness in any area of our skin is always due to a pigment called melanin. Now, let’s have a closer view of various reasons for lip darkening.

●      Sun exposure

Excessive UV-exposure can cause sunburn, age spots, and tanning like skin problems also is a significant cause of hyperpigmentation of lips.

●      Tobacco –

The most prominent reason behind man’s dark lips is due to taking tobacco directly or by smoking.

●      Dehydration of lip –

Lack of self-care leads to dehydration of skin as well as lips. For their busy lives, men always forget to eat right and drink plenty of water, which ultimately leads to skin and lip dehydration. Also, lack of a good moisturizing lip balm use causes lips dryness.

●      Licking lips –

Some people have lip sucking problems, which also causes the darkening of lips.

●      Taking too much tea or coffee –

Too much caffeine intake has lots of health implications, including skin problems. And that is the reason for your lip dryness and darkening if you are addicted to tea or coffee.

●      Health condition and drugs use –

Lots of medical therapies such as chemo and taking lots of medications or due to some health conditions like anemia, or vitamin deficiency also be a cause of dry and dark lips.

These are some reasons for dry and dark lips in men and can be reversed by changing lifestyle and, in some cases, consulting a physician. If you belong to the men who have just dry lips problems and want to fix it by a good moisturizing lip balm, the suggestion is below.

Best lip balm choice for you

Our best lip balm choice for men is MIP’s all in one power lip engine. You might already have heard of the brand MIP, which has become so popular nowadays. All in one power, lip engine is a solution to dark and dehydrated lips as it provides natural coloring, high moisturizing effect, and long-lasting protection without stickiness.

Do you think why this lip balm is best for man? This is because of its natural ingredients like nine black food complexes, which are meant to provide a natural moisturizing effect on men’s rough and dried lips.

Jojoba esters and shea butter complex help to revert and retain your lip moisture for a more extended period. So, this is the perfect choice for a man who wants to give life to his lips with natural colors and those who need a moisturizing charge on their lips from time to time. Check the product here.>>>>

Benefits of using a moisturizing lip balm

Now, let’s know some benefits of using a moisturizing lip balm for men. Well, there are lots of advantages to it, and most common is its quick effect on dry, slick lips. Following are some reasons why should a man use a lip balm;

a.    Gives Sun-protection

As I already told you, melanin is the leading cause of lip darkening, which mostly increases due to excessive UV-exposure. But by using a good lip balm, you can get rid of sun damage to your lips.

b.   Gives the moisture to your lips

The natural effect of a lip balm is its moisturizing effect. Lip balm shields your lips against the external stimulus and helps retain your lips’ moisture or water content. But beware of some synthetic lip balms which promise to give you lots but do nothing. Try our best choice for men’s lip balm, which is MIP’s all-in-one lip engine.

c.    Cracked lips get hydration.

If your lips are cracked and mostly get cracked, then this is due to lack of moisture and sometimes due to random licking. In that case, you should also apply a good moisturizing lip balm, which helps heal the lip layer quickly.

The right way to use a lip balm

If you still fear using a lip balm as people will laugh on you for this, here are some safe lip balm application tips;

  • Use lip balm at night before bedtime.
  • Use mild lip balm without hard fragrance or color.
  • Drink enough water
  • Take a proper diet and avoid excessive oily foods.


Lips should be cared for, whether you are a man or woman, as these are the part of our most exposed organ that is skin. And if you have some health implications or want to use a lip balm of some other brands, kindly ask your dermatologist as everything might not suit you. Follow a proper skincare routine with lip care and stay away from an addictive lifestyle, and ultimately you will get back your natural healthy lips.