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Oil on the men skin occurs when the oil glands located inside the skin starts to produce excess oil. Since it is a natural process and men cannot stop it, but various steps can take to manage your oily skin like applying men’s whitening cream for oily skin, men’s night cream for oily skin, using a face wash, etc. A person who has oily skin feels very unpleasant and uncomfortable; however, if they adopt proper skincare methods, they can ease their problem of Oily skin.

Whatever products or ways you use for men skin treating the oily skin always remember that it should be natural and organic. Skin care products with synthetic chemicals may temporary gives you the result, but in the long run, they are very harmful to the skin. One can use all-natural Minam men’s whitening cream for oily skin which made up of fruit and mushroom oil extracts. Also, it not only removes oil from your skin, but it can also take care of pores and Sebum, soothe and protects your skin.

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So let’s see all the different types of products and methods using which you can take care of your oily skin.

  1. Use face wash twice a day: Having a daily cleaning routine is the important thing one can do for treating oily skin. Use a soft face wash two times a day with warm water. Don’t use soap to wash your face as soaps contain synthetic chemicals and dyes, which will increase the oil production in the skin. A good brand and all-natural face wash could be from MIP Malaysia, which contains flowers and fruits extracts.

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  • Start with a face wash which contains Shea butter as this ingredient used to treat moderate acne caused due to oily skin.
  • Please do not use any chemical-based face wash as it has various side effects like dryness, scaling and redness of the skin.
  • Try to use hands to clean your face using a face wash and stay away from Loofah and Washcloth and also do not rub your skin.
  • Use oil-free products: If you have acne or oily skin, then you must use the men products which are oil-free. You can check the labels before buying it and opt for “Oil-free” or “Water-based” products. 
  • Use moisturizer: People with oily skin think that their skins do not need any extra hydration, and thus they do not use moisturizer, but this is not true. Those with oily skin should use moisturizer, but specific oily moisturizer can be avoided or anything that clogs your skin pores. A good moisturizer can be of MIP which not only give hydration to your skin, but it tones up your skin, make your skin wrinkle-free and provides nutrition to your face skin.

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  • Always apply the moisturizer with different quantity on the oily part of the skin and drier section of skin.
  • Choose the moisturizer, especially for the oily skin.
  • Avoid moisturizer which contains Lanolin and petroleum ingredients.
  • You can go for the online review before buying the moisturizer.
  • Don’t over wash face: If you have the temptation of washing your face, again and again, to tackle the oil build-up, then you may stop this practice. Try to wash your face once during the morning and once in the evening as washing your face repeatedly may cause dryness and irritation to your skin.
  • If you sweat a lot, then you can wash your face more than once.
  • If your face is over oily, then you may add its washing during day time.
  • Be alert what touches your skin: Though oily skin is caused due to the genes or due to the oil produced within the skin, make sure that you are alert what is touching your skin. For example, if you have long and oily hairs and it falls on your face, then this oil will transfer to your skin. 
  • If you have greasy hands and you have the habit of touching the face, then this practice will make your skin oilier.
  • Keep your hands and hairs clean and away from the face.