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Hey, are you frustrated with dark skin? Then stay tuned, because, at the end of this article, you will be able to know the perfect solution for your dark skin issues.

Well, you must agree with me that dark skin is not a big deal if you have an even tone. There are large varieties of skin colors found in this world. However, some countries have just white peoples, and some nations have only dark-skinned people. You can guess why? Because our environment also matters how we look and behave.

Whether you are light-skinned people or dark-skinned, in each case, there are lots of skin problems due to the misconceptions and lack of proper care. Don’t worry; here we suggest using an all-in-one coloration problem solution in the form of cream from MIP.

Before going to the instant solution, let us know the causes of dark skin color and how you can get bright skin.

Reasons behind a dark skin

Typically, there are lots of reasons behind dark skin, and let’s start discussing various causes one by one. But most importantly, you should know the primary in-born dark skin fact.

The science behind dark skin:

If we go deep into our skin, then we get a pigment called melanin. This is a type of protein in the form of pigment synthesized and secreted from our melanocytes under the skin. This is the main reason behind dark skin.

The more melanin your body produces, the darker your skin becomes, and that is dependent on sun exposer also. The regions which are hotter having dark people and the colder countries have lighter shades of people.

As I said, this pigment is a protein, and if you know the science of protein, you must know proteins are the characters we have and regulated by our genes. So, this is quite a normal thing that our genes come from our parents, and sometimes changes in its configuration due to the mutation may cause by our environment. Therefore, having dark skin is entirely dependent on genetics and somehow on our surroundings where we live.

Now you know having dark skin is not a problem, and you can’t change it whatever skin product you use. But, if you have a light skin at first and gradually become darker, then here are some reasons for that.

Excessive sun exposer

Sun exposer is a primary cause behind skin darkening. If you are involved in a job where the facing sun is typical, you can understand this is the reason for your dark skin. In the case of women avoiding the sun is an easy task, but men have several works where they have to expose to the UV-light of sun, which is cancer-causing radiation. Thus, Sun exposer can cause tanning, sunburn, or even skin cancer like problems. Don’t bother; we have the solution to this problem as well. Try the minam cream sun bb from MIP with powerful SPF 50+ can give you functional protection from UV-radiation. Check the product here >>>>>

Some existing health condition and usage of drugs

Certain health conditions such as skin inflammation, hormonal disorders like addition’s disease, Hemochromatosis, and much more can cause skin darkening problems.

Besides this, the consumption of some drugs like minocycline can increase the sensitivity to the skin and thus can be a reason of dark patched skin.

Hyperpigmentation caused by melasma, sun spots, or post inflammation also is a reason for skin darkening or coloration problems.

Avoiding skin issues and lack of care

Oh man, you are doing so wrong as you are not caring for your skin. Yes, guys not having a proper skincare routine is also a big reason for gradual skin darkening problems.

Every day we are exposed to the surroundings, which is not completely clean. Our skin takes the dust particles and, after gradual deposition, forms another dark layer in front of our original shade. Don’t worry; below are some tips to follow for brightening your skin back to your original shades.


Lifestyle has a significant role in man’s skin and body. If you are smoking or drinking alcohol, then also you are prone to dark skin.

Besides, not taking proper healthy food, drinking very less water, becoming sluggish, and, most importantly, being stressed out and not getting enough sleep are also reasons for skin issues.

The perfect solution

As there are lots of reasons for skin darkening, hyperpigmentation, or uneven tone, there are lots of solutions for each cause.

In the case of excessive sun, exposer tries using sunscreen and avoiding some drugs, which increases sun sensitivity. Cover your face when going out of your home. As I told before, if you are wondering for the perfect sunscreen, try our best choice: MIP minam cream sun BB with 4 in 1 solution to UV protection, blemish cover, wrinkle improvement, and hydration.

If you have existing skin or any other health conditions for which you are prone to medications, which causes skin damage, then consult your physician and ask them for a safe alternative.

Tips to avoid skin problems

There are some natural tips by which you can get rid of gradual skin coloration problems and will get back your deserving skin tone.

  • Use some natural face masks with ingredients like papaya, honey, lemon, yogurt, buttermilk, tomato, aloe vera, or turmeric.
  • Take enough sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water and hydrate your skin.
  • Exercise and keep the eyes on a healthy diet.
  • No smoking or drinking.
  • Try a skincare routine and do proper washing, rinsing, exfoliating, and toning with right skincare products.


By following the above tips and understanding your skin problems, you can get your original shade back or even two shades lighter. Don’t believe any instant skin results claiming products and always consult your dermatologist before examining new products. Here we have an all-in-one skin brightening tone-up cream from MIP, which can help you fight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dryness like problems safely and at an affordable price

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