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A well-groomed Eyebrows makeup frames your face thoroughly and always bring joyous to your features. No matter if your eyebrows are sparse, too light, over-plucked. If you know how to use men’s eyebrow pencil, you can shape them according to the way you are looking. Here we will see that the eye makeup tips or how will you do perfect eyebrows make up by using men’s eyebrow pencil.

Before we go further, we would like to let you know that the most critical part of ideal eyebrows makeup is the type of eyebrow pencil you are choosing. There is an end number of eyebrow pencils/gels available in the market, but one should go for natural ingredient eyebrow pencil. One such eyebrow is from MIP Malaysia, which does not contain chemicals and is 100% natural. It has strong adhesion and also can long last on your eyebrows.

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Now let’s see the steps for how to do ideal makeup for eyebrows:

  1. Discover the start point of Eyebrows: First of all, you have to discover where your eyebrows should start. Do check this; you have to hold a pencil vertically against your nose. The endpoint of the pencil closer to your nose gives you the point where you should start your brow. If the pencil goes beyond that, you have to use the tweezers for removing the extra hairs. On the other hand, if it is short, you have to extend it to that point. Remember that you should use a very light stroke by using an eyebrow pencil to mark the point if you don’t want to get confused about its location.
  2. Locate the endpoint of your eyebrow: Technically, the end of the eyebrows should be at 45-degree angle measured from the outer corner of your eyes. Holding the pencil from the other end and at the side of your nostrils move it at 45 degrees till the outer edge of your eyes. This location will be the tail of your eyebrows. You can mark this point by a brow pencil, which will guide you if you want to pencil the eyebrows later or you want to tweeze it.
  3. Discover your Ideal arch point: While looking forward line up the edge of the pencil with the outer edge of your Iris, this will give you the location from where your arch should begin. Kindly mark this point with the white pencil so that you can quickly locate it while pencilling or tweezing.
  4. Check if your eyebrows are of same height: Hold the men’s eyebrow pencil horizontally with the top of the brows on both its end. If the pencil is straight, then it will show that your eyebrows are of the same height. Suppose it is tilt then they are not of the same height but do not pluck them immediately to make it of the same height. Use your brow pencil later to build them at a similar height.
  5. Select the perfect eyebrow shape: Try to figure out the way of your face and accordingly make your eyebrow shape according to it.
  6. If you have an oval face, extend the eyebrows length but do not make it too dark or do not fill them too much.
  7. If you have a round shape, a high angle and sharp eyebrows will open your eyes and gives you a perfect balance on your face.
  8. If you have a square shape, face dark, and full eyebrows will balance your angular jaws.
  9. Make your eyebrows depends upon how close or extensive set your eyes are: You can enhance your eyes looks by making your eyebrows in such a way that best gives you the spacing of your eyes. If you have wide eyes focus more on grooming rather than on plucking and shaping. If your eyes are closed, make your eyebrows closest to your nose. Extend your eyebrows with a long arch and do not make it too sharp or thin.
  10. Pluck away the unwanted hairs: If your eyebrows go beyond the marked point then remove it also removes the hairs which are outside your natural arch. The lines of the eyebrows should be too short and better go for the feathered look as it seems more natural.

Apart from all these tips try to figure out the colour of the eyebrows you want as it will decide the looks and features of your face. If you have a fair complexion, go for the brown or grey eyebrow pencil. If you have dark skin, then opt only for black or grey eyebrow pencil. You can choose a collection of various colours of eyebrows pencil from the MIP website.

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