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Men’s eyebrow pencil is now a trending makeup fashion for men these days. Earlier eyebrows pencil was only a thing of a woman, but in today’s world everything is changing at a rapid rate, and men also started taking an interest in Eyebrows makeup and face makeup. In this discussion, we will let you know how you can use men’s eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows.

  1. Choose eyebrow pencil: A mixture of dark brown and black, also known as taupe colour is the most favoured colour for eyebrows makeup. The combination of this colour gives depth to your eyebrows, and it also doesn’t overwhelm lighter colour hairs. You can test the different colour eyebrow pencil on your hand to see if the shade has cool or warm undertones. For the collection of various colour eyebrow pencils, you can visit the MIP official website.

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  • Blonde hairs men should try light brown or grey colour eyebrow pencil, or they can use a combination of two shades which is darker than their hair colour.
  • Brunettes should buy an eyebrow pencil which is has a lighter shade than their hair colour.
  • Those with raven hairs should go for a dark brown or grey colour pencil.
  • Redheads may try a medium brown colour.
  • Grey-haired guys should go for the light brown colour.
  • Sharp your eyebrow pencil: Sharpen your eyebrow pencil because a sharpen pencil will give you a more natural look and it will look like original hair. You can use a regular sharpener for sharpening your eyebrow pencil. If the eyebrow pencil is too soft and it breaks, again and again, you should keep it in a cool place when not using it.
  • Perform light and upward strokes to fill your eyebrows: You should focus on the part of the eyebrows which have fewer hairs and also you should feature the pencil strokes so that they look like natural hairs. The colour of the pencil should focus on the arch and tail of the eyebrow. If your eyebrows are of different heights, use the pencil on the top of the lower eyebrow. 
  • Blend the colour using brow brush: By giving light strokes brush your eyebrows from tail to the front. It will make the colour of the eyebrow pencil soft and shady, and your eyebrows will look more natural. Remember to colour your tail and arch of your eyebrows and mainly focus on that.
  • Finally apply brow gel or wax: After performing all the above steps use eyebrow wax or gel to keep it in a place. A good brand eyebrows pencil will always contain a gel-like eyebrow pencil from MIP. It provides a gel which will give you a long-lasting effect.

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Drawing on Eyebrows

  1. Prepare yourself: Wash your face thoroughly and wipe it, removing excess moisture from it. Put the translucent powder on the eyebrow as it will give extra grip to the eyebrow pencil colour, which will allow the colour to stay longer.
  • Sketch your eyebrow: Use an angled brush which is dipped in the eyebrow powder to sketch the shape of your eyebrow lightly. Drawing lightly will ease the process of erasing the shape of the eyebrow if you have made a mistake.
  • Draw hairs: Use soft upward strokes to draw fake hairs located at the top of the shaded eyebrow which you already drew. It will help you in creating a 3D effect which will make your eyebrows look more natural.
  • Add eyebrow sealing: Over your previously drawn eyebrows dab a little more powder and finally apply the brow sealing solution. The sealer and powder will protect your eyebrows makeup from the sweat or getting rubbed off if the sealing solution is very shiny use a brush to dust the powder which will dull the shine.
  • Try Microblading: You can consult a dermatologist for the process of Microblading. If you have permanent light eyebrows or you don’t want to use men’s eyebrow pencil daily then opting for Microblading will tattoo your eyebrows temporary with the hairs. This tattoo will look like new eyebrow hair.