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Testing men perfume is essential and necessary before actually buying it as you can feel how it will react to your skin chemistry. It is a fact that you can’t examine too much fragrance at the same time on your skin. So there are a few points you can take to test a varied variety of solid perfume for men and then choose the perfect one. However, be sure that whichever men perfume you choose it shouldn’t have too much of hard chemicals and its better that it should make up of natural ingredients. One can go for various fragrances manufactured by MIP as they make up of entirely natural ingredients; also, they have a long-lasting aroma.

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  1. Search perfume online: You can get a lot of knowledge and insights about the men perfume if you search about it online also you will get reviews about various perfumes. You can choose and make a list of multiple fragrances that are appealing to you. It is necessary because you get a starting point when you go to the shop to buy the perfume. At the store, remember that you should always tell the sales representative you don’t like a particular aroma of perfume after smelling it. Alternatively, he will show you another type of perfume based on your choice and persona.
  • Use blotters to initially test perfume: Select the store which has a good collection of perfumes (Usually a hypermarket or a speciality fragrance store). Once you reach there, smell the aroma of the perfume with the help of perfume blotters. Blotters are usually a small piece of white cardboard which absorbs the fragrance and assist you in smelling without applying it on your body. When using the perfume to the blotters spray it two times putting it 6 inches away from the blotter, in the downward direction. Be careful that you don’t spray the perfume on your skin and also smell the blotter one by one till you find a perfect perfume for you.
  •  Try the perfume on your skin: Once you have chosen three or four perfumes and narrowed your search, try it on your skin and find out how they react to your skin chemistry. Apply one type of perfume on each wrist and if you are seeking more than two, apply it on your elbows also. Better than spray goes for the solid perfume for men as they are long-lasting and they do not evaporate as the time passes by. You can go for the solid perfumes by MIP Malaysia; it’s a good brand.
  • Take your time: You can walk around the hypermarket or do something else to give time to perfume to develop. Once the perfume gets mix well with your skin smell it once more. For cleaning nostrils, you can smell coffee as you will get better results of smelling aroma. Note how the fragrance works with your body chemistry and how it is developing as the time is passing by. By doing this step, you will get a fair idea of which perfume is suiting on you.
  • Buy it: If you liked any of the men perfume after 30 minutes of developing period you can go forward and buy it without giving it a second thought.

If you cant, go to the shop you can order the perfume online also. Some online portals give you the sample perfume at a little cost or sometimes free. You can also buy perfume when there is a discount. MIP Malaysia runs offer from time to time you can go forward and check their solid perfume for men.

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How to Make perfume last longer

Men perfume has a life shell, and all the perfume has the best before date on the bottom of the bottle. To make the perfume last longer keep it in its original box as light may harm the perfume aroma. You can also select a dark place like your drawer or cabinet but do not expose it to the sun. For a better product, you can go for men perfume by MIP as they don’t have alcohol and have a more extended expiry date.

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Fluctuation in humidity and temperatures can destroy the molecular binding of the perfume oil; thus, the fragrance of the aroma of the men perfume deteriorates. So its better to put perfume at the same place all the time. By doing these few steps, your fragrance will have a longer life, and you can enjoy its aroma for many years.