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Men Sunscreen is an essential thing for skincare, and it comes in various forms like lotions, broad-spectrum and gels. The most crucial part is the SPF for Men sunscreen. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a parameter which decides how efficient the Sunscreen to protect you from UV rays of Sun.  Sunscreen lotion for men’s SPF 50 generally is good for the summers in Malaysia. 

So next time, when you go out for shopping, beach or hanging out with friends you should apply men Sunscreen. Even if the weather is cloudy, you should use it to protect your skin from any damage. If you don’t apply Sunscreen the Ultra Violet rays of Sun not only tan your skin, but you will look old due to premature skin.

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How to select best men Sunscreen

 The following factors should consider before you buy men Sunscreen.

1. Date of manufacture- The newer the Sunscreen, the better is the performance. The effectiveness of ingredients used in the Sunscreen gets weaker as the time passes by so it is better to buy freshest men sunscreen.

2. A right branded Sunscreen- A proper manufacturer of the men Sunscreen is essential. Go for brands like MIP as the Malaysian government body approves their quality, and they follow stringent rules and regulations to certify men Sunscreen.

3. Select lotion instead of powder or spray- Men Sunscreen comes in various forms, and the best way is men sunscreen lotion. Powder or spray men Sunscreen contains minerals and chemicals which can enter your bloodstream and causes multiple health problems.

4. Use Sunscreen, which is SPF 50 or higher protection– One should always check for the SPF parameter before buying men Sunscreen. Generally, SPF 30 is decent, but ideally, sunscreen lotion for men’s SPF 50 is best for the Malaysian weather.

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5. Check for the ingredients of the men Sunscreen– One should not buy Sunscreen which contains harmful chemicals like titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide and Oxybenzone. These chemicals may be detrimental for your skin, and in the long run, your skin will look pale if you use men Sunscreen with the substances mentioned above.

6. No side effects- Different people have a different type of skin, and you should choose men Sunscreen which suits your skin. Suppose if you have oily and acne-prone skin, then you should go for water-based Sunscreen.

7. Don’t get attracted towards price- It is not necessary that if the men Sunscreen is expensive then it is good. Expensive Sunscreen may give you a false sense of security if they are using harmful chemicals. It’s best to check the ingredients and not the price when you buy men Sunscreen.

8. Expiration date- The last is to check the expiration date of the Sunscreen. If the Sunscreen is expired then do not buy it as the ingredients used in it are not more effective because it has degraded.

9. No stinging- If the Sunscreen you have bought is stinging, it means it doesn’t suit your skin. Stinging Sunscreen is very irritating, and it can harm your coat also. 

How to apply men Sunscreen

•For lotion, take out an ounce of Sunscreen on your palm and rub it evenly on all areas of the body which expose to Sun.

•Rub it well until it becomes dry so that the body entirely absorbs it.

•Apply Sunscreen in the intervals of 2 hours.

•Take extra care when you apply Sunscreen on the face, especially for kids.

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Tips to be followed while using Sunscreen

•Use Sunscreen before 30 minutes when you go out in the Sun.

•It suggests wearing cotton clothes when you go out in the Sun as cotton also gives protection from the Sun.

•Avoid going outside when Ultraviolet radiation is at its peak; this is in the afternoon.

•Wear sunglasses, cap, stole and scarf when you go out.

It is good to prevent yourself from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Always buy good and decent men Sunscreen so that your skin looks beautiful, young and healthy. In Malaysia, using a sunscreen of a good brand like MIP is the best solution for protecting your skin from UV rays of Sun. Also, buy Sunscreen that is perfect for your skin type.

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