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Using the men perfume the right way is essential, but it’s also necessary to choose the right solid perfume for men with a fragrance which complements your chemistry and fits your persona in the aspects for how much time fragrance last. For instance, some men perfume (usually expensive) has long-lasting aroma while there is some perfume which changes their smell as time passes by. You can find out which fragrance is perfect for you by getting the technicalities, discussed here, involved with men fragrance.

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Various types of perfumes

Fragrance- The mixture of various perfume oil is called fragrance. These perfume oil can be synthetic or natural and are usually mixed with the alcohol to dilute the aroma of perfume oil. The percentage of perfume oil, which combines with the alcohol decides the category of fragrance. The more percentage of essential oil mixed with alcohol are more expensive and have a more vibrant aroma. Now let’s see the various types:

  • Eau Fraiche- Only 1-3% of perfume oil mixes with alcohol, and its fragrance usually lasts less than one hour.
  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne)- Cologne is made up of mixing 2%-4% of perfume oil with alcohol, and its aroma usually lasts for two hours.
  • Toilette (Eau de Toilette)- In this type of fragrance, 5% -15% of perfume oil is mixed with alcohol and its fragrance last for three hours approx.
  • Perfume (Eau de Parfum)- Perfume has 15% -20% perfume oil, and its aroma usually lasts for eight hours.
  • Parfum- Parfum is very expensive, and it contains 20%-30% of perfume oil, and its fragrance usually lasts for 24 hours.

Cologne is usually the deodorant, and it also falls in the perfume category. The concentration level of perfume oil generally printed on the bottle of the men fragrance and as the concentration level of the perfume oil increases the prices also increases. However, rather than going for liquid perfume, one can go for solid perfume for men. Due to several reasons like being solid, it will not spill and get wasted, even little amount of application will work for longer, it will not catch fire as it doesn’t contain alcohol. MIP Malaysia manufactures the best and most famous solid perfume for men, and it has an excellent review also.

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Perfume Lifecycle

Any perfume or fragrance for men contains three types of “notes” called a top note, medium note and a base note. So when you apply any fragrance, the “notes” of the fragrance evaporates accordingly as the time passes by. Top note is the first one to evaporate and then comes the medium note, and finally, the last note which evaporates is called a base note. Thus this technicality of the perfume is required when buying a perfume. So let’s discuss the “notes” of the fragrance in detail.

  • Top notes: The initial fragrance of the perfume that you smell when it applies to the skin are the top notes, and it usually lasts for 15 minutes.
  • Medium notes: The medium notes generally find in the perfume which has a spicy or floral aroma. The aroma of the medium notes lasts for 3-5 hours of the application of a perfume.
  • Base notes: These notes are the last stage of fragrance, and it can trace in Eau de Parfum or Parfum. In this stage, the aroma can be detected whole day and is the last to evaporate, which lasts for 5-10 hours.

When the layers of the notes evaporate the aroma of perfume will change. It may be hard to believe for the laymen, but this study makes perfume attractive and exciting. The fragrance with more percentage of perfume oil shows more changes, and you will notice this quickly. If you want to see it practically, you can buy MIP men perfume as it will give you an explicit notification of the various notes.

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Every perfume has a different fragrance, and it becomes more different when they blend with the skin chemistry of different men. Choosing perfume for men always depends on the attraction of the aroma of the perfume. One can go for the diverse experience of applying the perfume by trying solid perfume for men from MIP.

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