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Fragrance for men or men perfume is famous today not only because it fights body odour, but it also increases your morale. However, apart from this, they have several other benefits. Solid perfume for men could beat your stress and could also cure insomnia. Not even this, men perfume can enhance mood, boost confidence, makes you attractive, triggers a memory, cures headache, etc. However, it is possible if the aroma of the fragrance suits your mind and your persona. There is hundreds of perfume available in the market and all claims that they are best; however, this is not true. A fragrance that contains natural essential oil proves to be the best like recently MIP has launched a solid perfume for men which has 100% potent essential oils, and it also suits your body. Applying fragrance is an art, and it should do excellently done so that you get the maximum benefit out of it and most importantly, men perfume should last on your body for a more extended period.

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How to Apply Fragrance

Most of us apply the fragrance in a wrong way, and using men fragrance is an art. If men do not apply perfume properly, it can lead to over applying it, and the aroma of it may fade immediately. Most of the men spray it just like that on their clothes and walk outside to start their day. It is not the correct way to apply it. Moreover, most of the men do not put much effort to select their perfume but remember a pleasant fragrance can make you more confident and attractive.

According to a various study conducted, it finds that only 36% of men apply fragrance regularly. It is due to the lack of education amongst men as they don’t know the fact that what a fragrance can do to make them more stylish and confident. Here we will tell you how you can adequately purchase and apply men perfume. Also, we will notify you what common mistakes do the men do when using the fragrance.

Most of the men ape the way their friend or colleague apply the fragrance or perfume. They think that applying too much of perfume will keep aroma around them all day long but this not the fact. They should avoid those friends and should use fragrance sparingly. Here is the proper way to apply the perfume for men.

  1. Apply perfume right after your bath on dry skin

Shower removes the dirt and cleanses your body from other aromas. It also re-opens the pores of your skin which helps your body to absorb the fragrance. So it is better to make your skin completely dry and then apply the perfume.

  • Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from your body.

If you hold the bottle near to your body and apply the fragrance, then it will be overuse, and if you keep the spray bottle too far from your body and use it, then the perfume will be under apply. You can also go for a new concept of applying fragrance by applying solid perfume for men introduce by MIP. In this product, you don’t have to spray the cologne, but you can use it as a cream with your fingers. It is a new concept and better than spraying as spraying may waste the essential oil of the fragrance. 

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  • Apply fragrance to the heated areas.

The heat in your body helps the aroma of the perfume to disperse effectively throughout the day, and it also melds with your body which allows you to choose your signature scent. Heated areas are your chest, forearms, pulse points, neck and inner elbows.

  • Start with fewer amounts.

If you are new to apply the fragrance, then do not use perfume to all of your heated areas. Instead, apply perfume once at one heated area. If you find that your fragrance is fading quickly, then choose another heated area and use it. You can take the opinion of your friend or family if they can smell the aroma well as you become nose-blind to smell the fragrance.

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  • Reapply if needed.

Depending upon the type of men perfume you buy, you need to reapply it, especially in the evening as the aroma of the fragrance diminishes with the time. For long-lasting fragrance, you can use a pleasant quality fragrance by MIP, which gives you scent all day long.

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