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The skin on men lips is the softest and thinnest part of your body, and it is so much weak that you can see blood vessels on it. It is the reason your lips reflect a red colour. Men’s mouths do not have any sweat gland; thus, there is no supply of moisture and oil naturally, which means hydration for men is required externally. Also, the corneal layer of skin is skinny on the lips. The corneal thickness is necessary to protect the skin from dangerous weather like in Malaysia. It is the reason men lip balm is an essential product, and they should use it frequently. One should use a good brand lip balm like that of MIP as it made under the strict guidelines of the government of Malaysia.

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Why choose best men lip balm

Men lip balm apply on the lips that mean that it has easy access to the mouth; hence the ingredients of the lip balm can quickly enter into the blood by gastrointestinal tract or by mucus membrane. Therefore before buying the lip balm one should check the elements of it and shouldn’t pick any random lip balm. A good lip balm use for hydration for men and two factors you need to acknowledge before buying it is what is the state of your lips and what does your lips need. No matter if your lips become dry and cracked during winters or you need extra protection from the weather of Malaysia in hot summer, you should always pick a perfect lip balm like MIP.

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Factors need to consider before buying a lip balm

When you have decided to buy a lip balm consider the following factors that a good lip balm may include:

  1. Hydration and moisture- Keeping hydration for men on their lips is the primary purpose of the lip balm. Therefore, it is to see that is there any moisturizing ingredients that use in the lip balm you are going to buy. The right moisturizing ingredients are the Shea butter which should always look upon in a lip balm. 

Lip balm with a Shea butter

  • Packaging of the lip balm– This is the second factor that needs to consider before buying a lip balm. If you want to use a finger to apply a lip balm, then you should go for a jar or pot packaging. If you like to squeeze and apply it buy lip balm in a tube and lastly you can go for balm stick if you want to swipe it.
  • Smell and flavour– Smell is another factor which needs to look. Some men love the fruity smell, while others may like hard notes. Think what do you want, you can try lip balm of your friend or buy it in a small pack to try it and then decide which lip balm have pleasant smell and flavour which suits your senses. 
  • Look for multi-tasking lip balm- When you search lip balm for men search for the solace that solves your more concerns like a lip balm which has SPF along with nourishing ingredients a perfect example. In hot weather like in Malaysia, the ideal product could be of MIP brand which not only nourishes your lips but also protect your lips from heat. It has an SPF 30 protection which will protect you from harmful UV rays from the sun.

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  • Treat the problem- If you have an issue of cracked, dried and chapped lips and you suffer with it most often then try to buy a lip balm which is made up of natural ingredients or have medicated properties. Look for the balm that not only soothes your lips but also gets into the root of the problem.
  • Check manufacturing and expiry date- Before buying the men lip balm see the manufacturing date of it. The newer the lip balm is the effect it will be. Also do not buy expired lip balm as the ingredients of it will not be valid and it will not be of any use.

Finally, if you are planning to buy the best lip balm for men, then consider these factors before buying it. Buy it according to the skin type you have and the lotion which suits you. A good brand to consider is the MIP which not only keep your lips hydrated, but it also protects you from the UV rays of the sun.

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