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Your grooming needs

No one likes a slobby looking man and you should build your appearance for that extra touch of masculinity as a man, keeping your skin moist tone up with perfect blemish cover will make you look more appealing.

All men should own an ALL TYPE COLOR MIX CREAM as it has an excellent skin enhancement property for all sorts of skin types. For UV protection while you are going out for outdoor activities, use the SUNTICK SPF50+/PA+++ by MIP that is known as the UV protection triple functional cosmetics which could act as the whitening tools as well. If you prefer the liquid texture, we do have POCKET SUN CREAM , the man sunscreen tool that has the same function as SUNTICK.

Let’s not forget to keep the decent fragrance which is great for your social surroundings that leave the decent smell from natural ingredients. There is APPEAL ENGINE BLACK SET where you can have both different appealing aromatic from each solid fragrance for men, Appeal Engine Black Decent and Appeal Engine Black Absolute.

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MINAM Cream | Skin care for men | Face cream for Men

To fulfill your grooming needs, we can’t skip the man skincare section. Whether you could like to admit it or not, the celebrity who seems like not aging at all and does not look good by default, so it is perfectly normal for men to have skincare routine to look presentable – as long as it looks natural. The release of MINAM CREAM TIME RETURN is perfect for an overall natural coverage and it could act as strong antioxidants for your skin. It even helps to reach the wrinkle improvement before it is too late.

For some men, troubled skin can pose a problem but luckily, we have the MINAM CREAM CLEAR SOLUTION. This MINAM cream is designed to keep protection in check for oily and troubled skin protection with pore management and skin waste care.

Lastly, to have your seductive new look, put on a MINAM CREAM TONE-UP WHITENING unless you look for darker skin. First comes the function to help minimize discoloration and reduce dark spots from developing and this MINAM cream could be a great option for those who aim the anti-wrinkle cream for man and reduce age spots. Shop it here

Man tools | Man box | Man gift

From a day out, the first thing to do when you wake up is brushing your teeth and cleansing your face. You decide to use the toothbrush in your motel but you find it no face cleansing tool. Luckily, you brought the MIP TRAVEL BOX STONE YELLOW which having the Vita Energy Cleansing Foam inside.

After cleansing, that’s your man skincare routine to have primary care, so you take out the all-in-one lotion from the travel box and apply it gently to your skin. Then, you expect your skin could have the sun protection when you are out there. With Pocket sun cream, it could fulfill your men sunscreen need and improve man skin’s density to reach the smooth complexion look.

Lastly, hair is that you always need to keep it clean and tidy. Even if you are opting for the casual look, you’d need to have it presentable for better confidence. Standard wax is a perfect all in hairstyle product that helps to reshape your flexibility or achieve the natural hair look for any occasion.

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